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Stakeholder assurance statement MSC

Assurance Statement over the approach to Corporate Social Responsibility Upon request of MSC SHIPMANAGEMENT Ltd management, Bureau Veritas Italia has performed a Corporate Social Responsibility independent assessment on governance, according to the principles and guidelines of ISO26000 standard.

The assurance started with a gap analysis between ISO26000 standard and MSC SHIPMANAGEMENT Ltd current practices, which resulted in the identification of opportunities for alignment and integration in existing processes.

Results from this gap analysis were then further progressed by MSC SHIPMANAGEMENT Ltd through a self-assessment activity, followed by our independent assurance performed in October 2020. Following these assurance activities, Bureau Veritas Italy has produced this statement of assurance as a result of our independent assessment, measuring the progress for 2020.

Bureau Veritas internally applies a Code of Ethics and we believe there were no conflicts of interest between members of the assurance team and MSC SHIPMANAGEMENT Ltd at the time of the assurance.

Objective of the assessment
The goal of Bureau Veritas activities is the MSC SHIPMANAGEMENT Ltd CSR governance assessment. In particular, Third Party evaluation was performed in order to determine if and to what extent the ISO26000 principles have been converted into a set of policies, responsibilities and procedures, integrated into existing company systems and processes and maintained and improved.

Scope of the assessment
Scope of the Third Party assessment was focused on operations directly managed and controlled by MSC SHIPMANAGEMENT Ltd. The assessment was performed at the company head office in Limassol, Cyprus, and no significant exclusion or omission was applied to the scope of our work. As MSC SHIPMANAGEMENT Ltd is fully controlled by the MSC group of companies, attention was also made to corporate CSR systems and policies directly relevant to this exercise, such as MSC Sustainability Ambitions 2021.

Assessment methodology
Bureau Veritas Italia focused its assessment on the following core subjects from ISO26000:

► Human Rights

► Labour Practices and Conditions

► Environment

► Fair Operating Practices

► Consumer Issues

► Community Involvement and Development

The assessment was carried out against the following parameters:

► STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT: How are stakeholders engaged on CSR issues? How are stakeholders’ expectations embedded in the decision making process?

► IMPLEMENTATION: What policies, systems and procedures are in place governing CSR issues?

► MONITORING AND CONTROL: How are CSR systems and processes monitored for effective implementation and achievement of targets? Which indicators are used?

► REPORTING: How is information communicated internally and externally to stakeholders?

Reported below are the summary assessment results for each core subject, ranging from 1 (less structured approach) to 5 (best in class): final average rating assigned is 4,50. ISO26000 core subject “Governance” has been assessed according to UNI/PdR 18:2016, the results of the assessment is “Compliant and committed to excellence”. 

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