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Goals and Challenges Seminar 2017 Held in India & Ukraine


The speech was further followed by Mrs. Nita Jha – (Head of Group HR & Support Services) on reinforcing culture and creating positive work environment to meet Company Objectives.

At Odessa, Capt. Sudhanshu Sinha – General Manager (Safety, Quality & Insurance) of MSC Shipmanagement LTD. - drew the audience`s attention to the theme of Achieving Company objective – Zero cargo damages. Among the speakers were Capt. Oleksandr Zubkov (Deputy Manager Safety, Quality & Insurance of MSC Shipmanagement LTD.), Capt. Gennadiy Ivanov (Training Officer, MSC Crewing Services Ukraine) and Capt. Gennadiy Kuzmychev (Fleet Superintendent).

At Mumbai & Delhi, Capt. M.P. Bhasin presented workshop on zero Cargo Damages along with Capt. B.Puri. Seafarers’ proactive role in ensuring zero cargo damages were highlighted through a case study. There were other presentations by Technical, Safety & Crewing departments towards relevant topics like PSC inspections, upcoming regulations on Ballast water Management, Enclosed space entry, Cyber Risk/Security etc.







MSC Shipmanagement conducted series of very informative and successful seminars in 2017 in our crewing centres in India and Ukraine. Goals and Challenges was the principal and monumental theme of the seminar as revealed by the speakers.

Capt. Mahendra P Bhasin, MD of MSC Crewing Services, India and Mr. Ruslan Bundyuk MD of MSC Crewing Services Ukraine – welcomed speakers and seafarers in the respective locations, reporting on new achievements and goals of the Company.

Mr. Prabhat Jha – Group Managing Director of MSC Shipmanagement Limited – announced the Company`s intention for further development and growth. He said every day we are facing new goals and challenges, making the team more united and stronger.

Mr Jha outlined that the company performance is based on setting the goals and challenges ahead. For organizations, managers, and employees to be successful more emphasis needs to be placed on making sure every employee and every manager knows what he or she needs to accomplish in the present and future. When employees understand what needs to be done to succeed, it is much easier for them to contribute in success of an organization.


Mr Ravi Tandon (Sr. General Manager-Technical), Company’s DPA – Capt. S. Sinha (General Manager-Safety), Mr Abhay Bhonge & Mr Ravi Amarnath participated from Cyprus. Other presenters from MSC Crewing India were Capt. Aniket Pradhan, Capt. Dinesh Nagpal & Mr Raymond Mendes.

A high attendance and interaction by the Company`s seafarers was observed during the Seminars. Several important issues and questions were raised, considered and discussed. Management encouraged all to take active part with complete transparency.

Two days of productive deliberation were completed with a festive Gala dinners for all participants and their families at all the three locations Mumbai, Delhi and Odessa. At Mumbai, Dr. Malini V. Shankar (DG of shipping, India) was the special guest during this marvellous occasion.

Leadership Training 2017 The Leadership training for senior officers and office staff was held at Odessa, Ukraine on May 29th – 30th, 2017. This was led by Mrs. Nita Jha - Head of Group HR & Support Services of MSC Shipmanagement LTD. and Mr. Krishan Sharma - Managing Director of Comaea Consulting.

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